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"It's time to speak your truth."

-Hopi Elder-

4 May 1987
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my name is ashley...
for years i've been writing both in my own personal journals as well as poetry and music... i have been told that i am a great writer...due to my observing nature...and my empathy for others. i've always seen the world a little bit different...a little clearer...and i would love to share that with anyone who would like to see things as i do. although i am innately a writer...i haven't always enjoyed it. i'm not good focusing my attention for a length of time and i am so obsessive compulsive about what i write that it ends up being more painful than enlightening. but rather than stop writing...which i have tried...i figure i should become more comfortable with my words by writing daily. my goal is to make a little money with my talent as a journalist on my travels... so we'll see what happens.

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