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"It's time to speak your truth."
-Hopi Elder-
5th-Aug-2008 09:47 pm
its strange what can come out of passion when anger and frustration takes over you...

you're in this fight or flight mode... and it is attack, retreat, or both.

the thing is...
that honesty comes out of anger...at its peak.

words become weapons...
they can slice through you and open up truths that you have not come to yet...
or are trying so desperately to avoid.

my family builds up this anger and resentment and every word is a violent word...and it is hard to deal with.

things are always said to me...
they are generally the same thing...repeatedly.

but tonight was different.
this time...it caught me off guard.

this time...
it really hurt.

pain for me is this deep ache...and it is not pain in the physical sense...
but for me...
the ache goes to the very core of my being.

i have deep wounds.
ones that i try to move past...or cover up.

no one can know my pain.
most cannot even see it in my eyes.

it seems like it is a bright label worn clearly on my shirt.
how can they not see it?

but i have become a pro.
i am an actor of many personas....

the day someone can see.  is the day that i am free.

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