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"It's time to speak your truth."
-Hopi Elder-
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29th-Nov-2009 05:33 pm - Writer's Block: The play's the thing
What scene from a movie, book, or play would you most want to recreate in real life? Who would you play? Who would you cast in the other roles?

I have this slight obsession with Pride and Prejudice. Its my favorite book/movie. The end where he professes his love for her...and that from this moment on he would never part from her...I die.

I think every woman dreams that a man would love her with such depth that he was do everything in his power...even knowing that you didn't love him...to make you happy.

Its my ultimate favorite story...and if I could be any character...it would be Elizabeth Bennett...falling in love with Mr. Darcy.
With so much information on the Web, how do you stay organized online?

Lots and lots of bookmarks...haha...with subcategories...everything has a place. And I have a really organized boxes with tons of files that hold everything that I print off and need readily available...so that I can always find what I need...including bills...mail etc.
Black Friday is known for its deals and steals. What items are you hoping to find in the stores this Friday?

I bought this really amazing comfortor set for my bed...
It retailed for $150 but I got it for $40 on black friday!

29th-Nov-2009 05:23 pm - Writer's Block: Tinsel town
Do you put up decorations for the holidays? If so, when do the decorations go up and when do you take them down?

Well...I'm not putting anything up this year...because it is the first year living on my own and I can't really afford to buy all the decorations and all of that jazz...

But next year hopefully I'll be able to...
But in my family the decorations go up the weekend after thanksgiving...and go down after new years...usually when the kids return to school etc.
28th-Nov-2009 10:00 am - dream last night...
I had a pretty long and indepth dream last night...

It was concerning somewhat the end of the world...well...in this physical dimension anyway...

I was doing research like usual...I looked up certain individuals from my research...and I looked for them...to learn more...and with each person I spoke to...there were more and more...coincidences. I don't quite remember everything in the dream though...I wish I did.

These beings that I spoke to... I believed were human but as I went along...I realized that they were not of this planet...they were not "good" or "evil" really...they just knew what was going on with the planet...what was happening.

I wasn't supposed to get involved though...but I wouldn't leave it alone...b/c the bits and pieces worried me...and I just didn't understand.

They were trying to explain to me certain laws of matter...and complex science...things way beyond my comprehension at the moment... it seemed... real. As if I were being given real knowledge of these circumstances...that it was being streamed into my mind as I was having the dream.

I was trying to understand...to follow it...but it was strange.

They took me...on their spacecraft...we hovered just outside of earth...looking down...

They were trying to explain what the earth would become of... the physical reality of the planet would be cosumed by lava and fire...just totally cosumed...they showed it to me....what it would look like... it was beyond frightening.

They didn't understand really why I was so upset...why it troubled me so much...but they kept on explaining...how everything would shift.

We would be in a kind of...liquid state. Which is crazy...because when the atlanteans first wanted to incarnate on earth...they were said to be in a kind of liquid state...having the ability to move in and out of physical reality.

Anyway...they said it would be jarring at first...to adjust to a kind of breathing. As humans we are used to breathing air...and it will happen so suddenly that some with feel like drowning...but...you can breathe...it just takes getting used to.

There was a formula...for this...liquid type matter...they used it for many things... to heal...to transition in a and out...

They tried to help me with this formula...but I didn't understand...I'm only human...its...confusing.

They showed me these proceedures...that they do...with this liquid...they just cut this woman open...her chest...while she was in this liquid...and I was like screaming... but she wasn't in pain. There was no pain...no feeling... the residual air in her lungs was making her unable to transition...so they just cut her open. It was...crazy.

They said we would be transitioned before the planet was consumed...but i don't know...there was more...

I can't remember...

I wish I could...but I can't right now...


16th-Aug-2008 10:28 pm - OMG!! YEAH BABY!!!







14th-Aug-2008 08:01 pm - Writer's Block: Six-Word Story
Hemingway was once challenged to write a story in only six words. His response? “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” He is believed to have called it his greatest literary work ever. Can you write a story in six words?
here are a few :

In the beginning was the Void .

And she cried her last tear.

A shot heard round the world.

And she released her last breath.

Crimson was the blood she wore.

And they lived happily ever after.

one word story.


5th-Aug-2008 09:47 pm - anger
its strange what can come out of passion when anger and frustration takes over you...

you're in this fight or flight mode... and it is attack, retreat, or both.

the thing is...
that honesty comes out of anger...at its peak.

words become weapons...
they can slice through you and open up truths that you have not come to yet...
or are trying so desperately to avoid.

my family builds up this anger and resentment and every word is a violent word...and it is hard to deal with.

things are always said to me...
they are generally the same thing...repeatedly.

but tonight was different.
this time...it caught me off guard.

this time...
it really hurt.

pain for me is this deep ache...and it is not pain in the physical sense...
but for me...
the ache goes to the very core of my being.

i have deep wounds.
ones that i try to move past...or cover up.

no one can know my pain.
most cannot even see it in my eyes.

it seems like it is a bright label worn clearly on my shirt.
how can they not see it?

but i have become a pro.
i am an actor of many personas....

the day someone can see.  is the day that i am free.

5th-Aug-2008 12:52 am - Update

I just found out a few days ago that my soul-mate is getting married.

It was shocking...and suprising.  

It was the last thing I expected him to tell me.

We love each other...

our lives just never crossed in a way that allowed a relationship to work.

he lives across the country...
and i'm here.

he is a writer.
i am in college...and wanting to travel the world.

he will always be my soul-mate.  and i will always love him...

i suppose it marks the end of a chapter for me.
we met when i was 17...and am now 21.

he helped me through the strange transition process...
and helped me through depressions...and difficulties in my life...

and now...
i truly can rely on no one other than myself.
no more excuses.
no more lies.

just me...myself...and I.

its strange.
thoughts are surging through my mind...
and i am at such a strange point.

i need to make my move on life.
it has to be huge.
things can no longer stay the same...
the water is stagnant...and the scenery is getting old.

whats to come?

i have noooo idea.


i have been doing a great deal of work and research surrounding this idea of consciousness and in the process have really learned a great deal about the EGO.  the ego is something that most people see as a trait in someone other than themselves... but in truth... the ego is the driving force of nearly everyone...especially in western society.

the ego in the simplest term is; identification with form.  "The unconscious compulsion to enhance one's identity through association with an object..."   ...which can be your thoughts, the physical things you have, or even what other people think about you.  the ego is basically identifying who you are with anything outside of yourself.  anytime you use the word "I" or "My/Mine" that is your ego.  "...'I' embodies the primordial error, a misperception of who you are, an illusory sense of identity." 

most people go their entire lives believing that this illusion of the ego is actually who they are.  they believe that they are their beliefs...they are their things...they are their money...they are their job... they are their thoughts.  but this is the illusion.

the ego is..."a deep-seated collective delusion that lies within the mind of each human being."

every religion...even christianity speaks of the ego in it's teachings... but it has been misinterpreted and has not been found to be of that much importance.  even Jesus spoke of the ego...

because of the ego...
Religions have become devisive rather than unifying.  "They became ideologies, belief systems people could identify with and so use them to enhance their false sense of self."

the ego is what has made most religions the dogmatic practices that they are today.

"I" have to be right.  "My" way is the right way.  This allows them to define themselves apart from others... making themselves right and others wrong.  this become their identity.  their ego gives them the illusion that their beliefs or their thoughts are who they are... it's what defines them...what sets them apart from everyone else. 

so God has become..."My" God...

I think that Eckhart Tolle has put it the best way... "They("religous" people") equate truth with thought, and as they are completely identified with thought (their mind), they claim to be in sole possession of the truth in an unconscious attempt to protect their identity.  But they don't realize the limitation of thought."

I feel that people of faith are afraid of athiests because athiests challenge their sense of identity.  They challenge this illusion of self which scares those who base their entire being upon it.  People of faith don't understand that no thing...no belief...and no thought will ever define who they are. 

(the quotes come from Eckhart Tolle...)

-Ashley Abney- 

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